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The Financially Savvy is a blog dedicated to all things personal finance.

This blog aims to improve your financial literacy in all aspects of personal finance: saving, investing, budgeting, credit, debt, etc.

I am here to talk about money because most people do not talk about it.

I want to help you live your life while still being able to save a comfortable nest egg. I want to help you have experiences without blowing your bank account. I want to help you have time do what you want, without the burden of money weighing on you.

About the author

I am a millennial, a corporate world 9 to 5er, and fantasy football commissioner. My career thus far has spanned two companies and multiple analyst positions. From financial planning and analysis (the corporate kind) to business investment to marketing.

I enjoy my work, especially when I am able to support strategic initiatives. I am good at it and it is challenging. We all enjoy things we are good at, right?

After the initial excitement of receiving real paychecks after college wore off, I started to feel a desire to do more than sit at a desk for 9+ hours every Monday through Friday. The continual “it is Friday yet” anticipation made me realize that I could only do this for so long.

Thus began the journey I am on now: a journey for financial independence.

I am young; I still have some years left for me in the corporate world. The pay and benefits are too good to pass on at the moment. Plus, ignoring the distaste for the corporate structure, my job is rewarding.  

But that does not stop me from planning for the future. That future starts here.

My cred

AKA “who does this guy think he is to give me advice?”

I graduated college with a degree in Finance. My focus during school was mostly on investing, but that did not stop me from learning other parts of finance, accounting, marketing, economics and business.

Personal finance was not a subject, but the education in numbers, profit/loss, and risk/reward translates nicely from one area to the next.

I have also spent a considerable amount of time researching the topic. As I mentioned, I am an analyst. Analytical people tend to seek out data and review the different scenarios before making a decision (that’s me).

I can throw some life experience in here, too. Yes, I am young (mid-20s), but I believe that gives me a fresh perspective on things. No, I may not have experience buying multiple houses over the years, nor have I faced multiple recessions, but that does not mean I am naive to these experiences.

Buy my youth puts me in a position to help those like me. Those who are still trying to figure out who they want to be when they grow up. Those who are starting to earn some real money yet were never taught what to do with it.

I’ve changed jobs, changed companies and negotiated salaries. I’ve invested with multiple institutions and in multiple ways. I’ve tried different saving and budgeting techniques. I’ve taken out and repaid loans.

I will share these experiences, and more, with you.

Now, it’s time to get started.