The Financially Savvy is a blog dedicated to all things personal finance.

Simply put, it is a blog about money. That one topic many people don’t like to discuss or think about. But there are some who enjoy the topic (me), or are at least comfortable with it. Their secret? They understand their finances and have control over them.

We should all work towards that – understanding and controlling our finances – and that is where The Financially Savvy can help.

The goals of TFS are straightforward:

  1. Improve financial literacy
  2. Help others reach their financial goals
  3. Create a community where ideas are shared and discussed

How will TFS help?

Goals #1 and #2 directly relate to helping you, the reader. Improving financial literacy is the first step in understanding your finances. Once that basic level of understanding is achieved, then goals can be set and action plans set.

TFS will focus on the long-term. There may be some short-term solutions discussed, but any short-term efforts would be in an effort to affect a long-term change. Financial Security (or Independence) isn’t a sprint, though getting a quick start doesn’t hurt.

We’ll cover a range of topics from retirement to investing to budgeting to credit. Because we can’t talk about personal finance without talking about spending money, types of consumerism will be discussed. Since money affects our life so much, this isn’t just a space to improve your financial literacy, but also your general wellbeing

I’ll be sure to explain each topic so beginners are able to follow along, while providing context and analysis that the experienced can appreciate.

I also feel like I should say this:

The opinion’s expressed here are my own. Sometimes I may say something you don’t agree with, and that is fine. I’m enjoy debate and idea-sharing, but please keep it constructive and respectful. I may also say something that strikes a nerve with you (like calling out a situation that you may be in), but it is not meant to single you out or make you feel bad. It’s simply a view I have. We are all in our own unique situation. After all, it is called personal finance, not one-size-fits-all-finance. Some posts will be meant to push buttons. But the purpose is to help you recognize areas that you can improve in. Areas that you can take control of. If something annoys you, do something to fix it!


Why am I doing this?

I could write a really long story about my experiences, education, etc., but what matters is that I enjoy it. The topic fascinates me and I want to share that passion, and knowledge, with all of you. But if you really want to know, you can read it here

Wrapping things up…

Personal finance is an area that too many people lack understanding in. It’s unfortunate, but it’s not typically a class taught in school, or anywhere for that matter. That leaves it up to you to learn – and fortunately the internet is here to help. There is a wealth of information out there and with a little bit of time, you too can understand all the lingo and jargon that these financial bloggers, like myself, are using. 

Take it slow and ask questions along the way. I’ll be sharing part of my story with you all in an attempt to inspire you and to keep myself accountable.

You could say the overarching goal of this blog is to help all of us become Financially Savvy.

Okay, are you ready? Go back to the home page and start some reading.

Thanks for visiting TFS.






Disclaimer may contain affiliate links. When appropriate I will be sure to highlight such links. The purpose is not to deceive you, but instead to share a product I use/have used and believe in.

I am not a certified financial planner, nor professionally accredited in any way to make investment decisions about someone else’s portfolio. This blog offers ideas, opinions, and options about the different financial decisions that people make. In the end, you are ultimately responsible for the decisions you make about your own situation. Please research carefully and thoroughly.