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Financial Literacy

The Quest to Improve Financial Literacy (and General Wellbeing)


You can call me J Savvy. I am a mid-20’s 9 to 5er who gets excited when people start talking personal finance. The problem? People don’t talk about personal finance all that much. It’s a taboo topic. I don’t get why… it’s just money, people!

That’s not entirely true – I do get why. Money is a taboo topic because many people aren’t comfortable with it. They know they want to make it, but fear asking for advice once they do. This leads to missed opportunities and lower-than-they-should-be net eggs.

So what to do? It’s simple: help people get more comfortable with their money. Specifically, help YOU get comfortable with your money. To rephrase that, I want to help improve your financial literacy.

You see, everyone says this is a topic that should be taught in school. That everyone should be taught how to budget and invest in their future. Well, I was taught most of it in school. I studied finance and learned all about financial responsibility, investments, budgeting, etc. But even though I was taught more than most, it wasn’t until recently that I started to really get a hold of my finances.

I’d like to share this experience with you, as well as drop some other knowledge along the way.

What to expect from The Financially Savvy

Since the purpose is to improve your financial literacy, this blog will obviously touch on anything and everything personal finance. If you would like to me to talk about a specific topic, contact me here. Otherwise, I’ll just make my own topics!

I’m aiming to make this blog a place where personal finance rookies and veterans alike can learn something. To that end, I’ll do my best to explain topics as clearly as possible and attempt to bring simplicity where there is normally complexity. That said, some topics will be more technical than others, so be sure to ask questions if something isn’t clicking for you.

Money doesn’t just stop at a paycheck or bank account. Whether we like it or not, money can define the life we live. From the house we live in to the food we eat, it plays a role. Because of this, money creates a lot of unwanted stress. To change this, you have to take control of your finances. You have to learn to use your money to create value for yourself and your family, and fight the urge to let society define what your needs are. To this end, The Financially Savvy won’t just touch on money, but how that money affects your life and your overall happiness.

By that, I mean that TFS will also talk about how to crush the social pressures that lead us into unnecessary debt and soulless spending. Paying for your couch (or other furniture/household items) on credit? First, stop this nonsense right now. Second, read this blog!

Financial literacy and your general wellbeing

In this quest, I’m going to share my story. I’ll share what I have learned so far, what I continue to learn, and what I hope to learn.

You could consider this blog a way to put myself out there. I’ve never been big on sharing my story with strangers or people I haven’t seen since high school. But I do enjoy writing, and I felt strongly enough about this topic that it’s worth the self-conscious feeling.

If your like me, when you realized you needed to change something about your financial situation you turned to the internet. You found some blog that touches on topics you’re interested and have found a few that you really like. If your like me, you still want to know more. 

So, welcome! And thanks for coming on this journey with me. I hope you can find value in it.



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